Group/Line Dances line dancing


Anniversary Dance  

All married couples and newlyweds are invited onto the dance floor.  The newlyweds are requested to remain on the dance floor throughout the entire dance.  After thirty seconds, we’ll ask everyone that has been married a year or less to leave the dance floor.  Then less than five years, then ten years, etc.  As the crowd thins, we’ll start counting by one year at a time.  This continues until there is only the longest married couple and the newlyweds on the floor.  We will prompt the crowd to applaud them and ask the older couple to share their secret for a successful marriage over the microphone. 


Cha Cha Slide  

Mr. C The Slide Man brings his top rated group dance enjoyed by teenagers and some adults as well.  A DJ in Chicago, known as DJ Casper, (aka Mr. C) created this popular line dance with “called” instructions.  It is an updated version of the Electric Slide.  Even if you have never danced it before, it’s easy to hear Casper call out the moves. 



The #1 Latin Dance song of all time, the Macarena is a Spanish song by Los del Río.  It’s about a woman of the same name, or any woman from the La Macarena neighborhood of Seville, Spain.  The song became the second longest running #1 hit and the best selling debut single of all time in the U.S.  The song also ranks #5 on Billboard's All-Time Top 100.  It’s got a real catchy beat, easy to follow and loved by dancers of all ages.    


Electric Boogie/Electric Slide 

The Electric Boogie is a very popular song first featured during the Disco Era.  Marcia Griffiths, who had started out as a backup singer for Bob Marley, originally recorded it in 1976.  The song was later re-released in 1989 as the Electric Slide.  The famous line dance was an international dance craze and still remains the highest-selling single by a female Reggae singer of all time.   


The Hustle  

The Hustle is another line dance that was released during the start of the Disco era in 1975.  Van McCoy rode the song all the way to #1 a few months after its release.  The song is still one of the most popular songs and is a must for any 70’s theme party.  There at six basic steps that are easy to follow.   



This popular group song features dancers who gather on the dance floor for YMCA by the Village People.   On the chorus of the song, everybody raises their arms in the positions to form the letters “Y” “M” “C” and “A” to go along with the lyrics.  This is a time tested group participation dance! 


The Conga  

We ask for anyone on the dance floor to form a line behind the Bride & Groom, guest of honor or any guest willing to lead the group.  Guests place their hands on the waist of the person in front of them and follow the Conga Line around the room picking up additional guests along the way.  


The Twist  

The time-tested song by Chubby Checker get’s people twisting like they were back in the late 50’s.  The more agile guests will twist right down to the floor.  This is a great dance contest song where we can bring the best two twisting couples onto the dance floor for a twist-off, Dick Clark style.  Frankie & Annette would be jealous.   


Achy Breaky Heart  

Achy Breaky Heart was the biggest Country song to come out of the 90’s.  It was recorded by Billy Ray Cyrus who rode his #1 hit for years.  Today, he is equally known for his famous daughter, Miley Cyrus, who is a top recording artist and star on her Disney TV show.     


Cotton-Eyed Joe  

Cotton-Eyed Joe is a popular, four-spoke line dance Country & Western song performed by the Swedish band Rednex.  The original song was made famous by the 1980 film Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta.  It is also known as the National Anthem of South Texas. 


The Time Warp  

The Time Warp is a song and dance featured in the rock musical The Rocky Horror Show.  The song is both an example and a parody of the dance song genre in which much of the content of the song is given over to dance step instructions.  The dance is one of the major audience-participation activities during screenings of the film and performances of the show.  It has become a popular song beyond the reaches of the film and show, and is often played at dances and weddings.  The basic dance step is described in the chorus of the song: 

It's just a jump to the left  

And then a step to the right  

Put your hands on your hips  

You bring your knees in tight  

But it's the pelvic thrust  

That really drives you insane  

Let's do the time warp again!  

Let's do the time warp again!  


Staying Alive  

Stayin' Alive is a song by the pop group Bee Gees from the Saturday Night Fever motion picture soundtrack.  The song was written by the Bee Gees - Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb.  It became Billboard’s #1 song from on most popular album (1977) released during the Disco Era.  John Travolta starred and made the dance a staple for all type of dance parties.  Great photo oportunity for guys with their white pants & jacket. 


Greased Lightening 

Works best with the 50’s, early 60’s and Beach themes.  Have the dudes on one side and the debs on the other side of the room.  Let each group decide who will play the two leads (John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John) and gather up the rest of the gang (Betty, Doody, Sonny, Putzie, Jan, Teen Angel and the rest).  We’ll then cue up the Grease Soundtrack with “Summer Nights”, “Greased Lighting” and “We Go Together.” 


Hokey Pokey  

Popular with the kids, everyone forms a circle on the dance floor.  We’ll start the Hokey Pokey and watch the kids “put in” their feet, arms, elbows, head, etc. until their whole body is in.  



Chicken Dance  

We ask the guests to form a circle on the dance floor.  The Chicken Dance music begins and the guests go into the chicken dance routine.  This is an old-time favorite amongst kids.  A brief description of the dance is listed below. 

When the music starts, hold your hands out in front of you and open and close them like a chicken beak four times.  

Put your thumbs in your armpits and flap your wings four times.  

Place your arms and hands like the tail feathers of a chicken and wiggle

down to the floor four times  

Clap four times, turn to the left & repeat the moves.   


 ***  Note: You can view most of these songs by researching the dance on YouTube.