Guest Contests

    Limbo Contest

 Limbo Contest 

Two volunteers are asked to hold a six-foot pole at each end.  We’ll then ask your guests to line up in front of the pole.  When the music starts, everyone must dance under the pole by arching their backs with their heads being the last thing to go under.  Contestants who bend forward or arch their necks will be “out.”  There should be enough space between the participants so that they do not bump into each other.  After every participant takes their turn, the bar will be lowered a little bit.  We’ll see “how low they can go.”  You can have a single winner, a guy & girl winner, or a team winner (where both go under the stick at the same time).  Great for Luaus, 50’s, 60’s, or Beach Party themes. 

Karaoke                                                                                                                           Always an audience favorite, let your guest show off their magical (or not) voices. You can set up the format for individuals, duets, or group (or mixed), and do it in the form ofevening entertainment or a contest.  If you choose a contest, keep everyone involved by letting the audience judge the results. Be sure to award prizes for the best in show, funniest, most ridiculous and the best act. 

Name That Tune 

The most requested of all the contests, Name That Tune offers everyone a chance to become one of the eight contestants who will vie to become tonight’s music trivia expert in a 15-song elimination contest.  We’ll play the first few seconds of songs that most everyone knows.  The first to raise their hand and correctly identify the name of the song gets to join our group of contestants.  We play elimination songs until our two finalists square off to determine our musical expert. 


Music Trivia Contest 

Music (songs & groups) trivia questions are asked to either the audience or to selected players or teams.  We’ll handle this contest like we do in Name That Tune where we take eight players and go through an elimination contest. 


TV/Movie Trivia Contest 

TV show and movie trivia questions make up this fun contest.  Do you remember who Little Ricky’s babysitter on “I Love Lucy” was, the name of the coffee shop that the Seinfeld gang always met at, or the of the three judges on American Idol?  This is a contest where everyone can participate. 


TV Theme Song Contest 

Let us see who remembers the old TV show theme songs as we relive our childhood.  Do you remember the difference between the Twilight Zone & Outer Limits?  How about the Six Million Dollar Man & the Bionic Woman?  What about Taxi, Streets of San Francisco, and Cheers?  We have them all.  


Trivia – Custom Style 

We’ll sit down and come up with brainteaser questions for your company, group, or school.  Company question examples include: what year were you founded, how does your CEO like his coffee, how many employees do you currently have, etc.  For the school, birthday person, or your group, we work with you to make the questions interesting and fun. 


Paper Trivia Contest 

This contest is organized with trivia quizzes & pencils set up on each of the guest tables.  We use any theme you want (sports, music, movies, television, current events, and more) to see who we will award our Cliff Clavin trivia expert. 


Last Team Standing 

This trivia contest is best played with four teams of five players.  Contestants will line up by teams.  The first player on each team will ring in as soon as they think they know the answer to a trivia question.  If they are correct, they go to the back of the team line.  The other three contestants sit down.  This continues until there is only one team left with players standing.  If the contestant answers incorrectly, they take a seat and the player who rang in second place, gets the opportunity to answer and so on.  This is a quickly played contest that involves 20 players as well as the audience.  The topic of questions can be your choice, including the topics used in the contests listed above. 


Costume Contest 

Pick your judges and let’s put everyone dressed in costume up for the big vote.  You can use many different categories depending on how many prizes you want to give away.  Be sure to use creative categories for more laughs. 


Hula Hoop Contest  

Get into circular motion and bring plenty of laughs to your event.  We bring the funky neon hula hoops so your guests can indulge in centrifugal force.  Be sure to have a few categories (hooping the longest, most creative way of keeping it “up,” best form, etc).  


Dance Contest 

This can be for individuals or couples.  You can feature specific dances or can go with best dancers, most innovative, or anything else you can think of.  Our favorite theme is the “best dance scene look-a-like” (John Travolta in Stayin’ Alive, Pulp Fiction’s John Travolta at Jack Rabbit Slims, or Michael Jackson in Thriller, Beat It or Billie Jean).  This is where you let your guests show off their creativity. 


Lip Synching Contest 

For the wannabe singers in the crowd, who will look like the real deal?  We’ll use the American Idol theme to judge this always-popular contest.  See if you will be known as the next Milli Vanilli or Ashlee Simpson. 


Air Guitar Contest 

For the rockers in the crowd, see who looks best playing “guitar hero” without the guitar.  Not for “wallflowers,” this features some of the best rock music ever.  Contestants will be judged by the crowd and the two finalists will have an “Air Off.”  Who will do Slash, Jimi Hendrix, and the many other great guitarists proud?  


Rock & Roll Star Show  

We tune up the wacky inflatable electric guitars, saxes and microphones as your guests jam to the greatest rock anthems ever!  Your crowd will cheer for the best licks with prizes for the team who gets the fans screaming the most.