Game Show Skits  


Dating Game 

Jim Lange (in full leisure suit) will host a bachelor or bachelorette vying for a “date” with three lucky contestants.  Typically, a bachelorette will question three bachelors, who are hidden from her view.  We’ll have her ask 4-5 questions to each contestant and at the end of the questioning period, she would choose one to “go out with.”  Depending on the group, you can offer prizes or other benefits (first in line for food, free drinks, etc).  Who knows, if you have the right contestants, you may even start a couple dating for real – it’s happened before on our shift!  We naturally won’t end the show until Jim and the winning contestants blow a kiss to the audience.  The show comes complete with all of the original music by Herb Alpert. 


Newlywed Game  

Bob Eubanks returns to host four couples to see who knows each other best. To start, we’ll take the wives off stage while we ask four questions to the husbands. We’ll bring their wives back on stage and ask them the same four questions. Once the wife gives her answer, the husband reveals the answer that he previously gave, which was written on a card. A match for that question is worth 5 points for the couple. The roles are reversed in the second round, where the husbands are taken off the stage and the wives are asked four questions before the husbands are brought back on stage to give their answers. The questions in this round are worth 10 points each, and the bonus question is worth 25 points. If time becomes an issue, we can reduce the rounds by one question each. Our winning couple will receive a prize specifically chosen for them. The questions will be selected based on the ages and desires of your audience. Watch out for the “whoopee” question! 


One versus 100 

You will help us pick out the contestant to start off (boss, honored guest – someone who’s sharp and with a fun personality).  They will stand at the podium and compete against the audience members who would like to play.  Each audience participant will be issued three index cards labeled A, B, & C and asked to stand up.  We’ll start off by asking the same question to both the contestant and the audience.  Each of the standing audience members will then pick up the card with the letter of the answer that they believe is correct (A, B, or C).  They then will place it against their chests in view of everyone in the room, but with the answers hidden against their bodies as to not reveal their answers.  The contestant will then reveal their answer.  Those standing audience members will show their answers to everyone at their table.  Participants with the incorrect answer will be asked to sit down.  This will continue until all of the audience members are sitting down or the contestant gets three strikes (wrong answers) against them.  There are alternative ways to end the game depending on the time allotted for the contest. 


Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? 

In the style of Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, four contestants will compete to see who is better at answering questions that any 5th grader should know.  The first player to ring in with the correct answer will win a point.  A point is subtracted for all incorrect answers.  The questions are all from test questions given to school children grades one through five.  The first contestant to reach nine points wins the game and the prize.  At the end, the remaining three contestants who did not win must look at the audience and say, “I am not smarter than a 5th Grader!” 


Let’s Make A Deal 

Monty Hall will keep you guessing as whether to take what’s in the bag, box or what’s behind the curtain.  Some contestants will also be offered a chance to trade in their prize (be it a good one or a zonk).  We’ll also ask your guests for unusual items that they might have in their purse or wallet (dentine gum, money clips, red hair pick, etc).  It’s always a lot of fun in which any guest can be picked.  We will need a little help in picking your very own Carol Merrill and Jay Stewart to help us with the production. 


This Is Your Life 

Ralph Edwards is back to host the hilarious game show, This Is Your Life. A guest will be secretly pre-selected by you whom we will surprise with a presentation of their past life (or Corporate life if applicable). Knowing your selection ahead of time, you could work to coordinate his or her friends, family and co-workers to be present. After consulting with the book on his life, Ralph, will conduct a biography of the unknowing star. With the contestant sitting on a chair on stage, the secret friends would line up on the other side of the curtain. When prompted by Ralph’s set-up, each friend will tell a funny or outrageous story about our friend. That speaker would then come out and greet our star with a big kiss, hug or handshake. We can set up the show to work within your time frame by planning for the right number of speakers. 


Truth or Dare  

This is an adult version of the popular teenage game (and don’t tell me you never played)!  Only those wanting to volunteer should participate due to the interesting nature of the game.  They will be asked a personal question, and the audience will decide if they tell the truth.  If they don’t want to go for the question, they can do a dare (singing a song, doing a dance, etc).  If the audience decides that the contestant isn’t telling the truth, they will have to perform one of the dares.  You must have the right type of crowd to play this game.  



Divide your participants into two or three teams.  It often works best if you select a few themes to use.  Each team will take turns trying to guess what their teammate is trying to act out.  We’ll have a lot of fun topics (Who Am I, Movie Titles, Song Names, TV Shows) that will keep your audience interested. 



*** Note: Many of the contests in the Interactive Contests section above can be converted into team contests involving many more of your guests at the same time.