Party Games – Kids   

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Simon Says  

Simon Says is a game for five or more kids.  We will play the role as Simon and the contestants must do what Simon asks them to do (or not).  When Simon asks the kids to do something with a phrase beginning with "Simon Says," the contestants must instantly perform it.  If Simon says, "Simon says jump," the players must immediately jump (players that do not jump right away are out).  However, if Simon says simply "jump" without first saying "Simon says," the players are not allowed to jump (those that do jump are out).  It is Simon's task to try to get everyone out as quickly as possible, and it is everyone else's job to stay "in" for as long as possible.  The last of Simon's followers to remain in wins.  The game is fun for kids (and even adults) of all ages. 


Musical Chairs 

A golden oldie.  Place one less chair than the number of contestants participating together in the middle of the room.  Have the contestants make a circle around the chairs.  We’ll play music and the contestants will walk around the chairs until the music stops.  Once it stops, everyone scrambles to sit down on one of the chairs.  Since there is one less chair than there are participants, someone will be left without a chair and is out of the contest.  This continues until there is only one contestant sitting in the last chair. 


Freeze Dance 

This is played with either individuals or with couples.  When the music stops, participants have to freeze.  The last one to stop dancing is out.  We will inform the dancers that they have to dance to the rhythm of the beat. 


Mummy Competition (Wrapping Partners up in Toilet Paper) 

Each couple who participates will try to be the first to wrap up their partner using two full rolls of toilet paper. Trust us - it’s more fun wrapping than being wrapped! 


The Shoe Race 

Two teams with the same number of contestants are selected.  Everyone removes their shoes and puts them in two big piles at one end of the room or party area.  We will than mix up the shoes in each pile.  Then, relay-race style and one at a time, one person from each team must run down to “their pile” and find their shoes, put them on, and run back to “tag” the next person and so on.  The first team to get all their shoes on wins. 

Musical Balloons 

We’ll have everyone join in a circle and try to pass a long balloon between their knees without touching them with their hands.  The person with the balloon will be out when the music stops. 


Balloon Pass 

Teams stand in a line facing the front of the room. The starting person at the head of the line passes a balloon over their head to the person behind them, who then passes the balloon under their legs to the next person in line, who passes the balloon over their head to the next person, who passes the balloon under their legs, and so on.  When the balloon gets to the end, that person runs to the front of the line and it starts all over.  The first team that gets their “starting person” all the way to the back wins. 


Balloon Stomp 

Everybody gets a balloon attached to a string that is tied to their ankle.  The object is to pop the balloons of other people while protecting their own.  Players must stay within arranged areas.  When the music stops, everyone must freeze.  Remaining players get rearranged and the game continues until there is only one player with their balloon still intact. 


Balloon Race 

Teams are selected, starting with two lines of team members facing each other.  The first two partners facing each other on each team put a balloon between them wherever we call (i.e. hips, shoulders, stomach, etc).  Holding the balloon between that “part” of their bodies, they race to the end of the line.  The balloon is then passed back to the head of the line and the next two partners on each team go.  The fastest team for each race gets a point.  The balloon must never be touched by either hands or arms.  If a balloon drops, the partners must pick it up, go back to the head of the line and start again.  The team with the most points wins.  


Balloon Stuff 

Teams of four players each make up this game.  One person plays the part of the “stuffy” while the remaining three play the part of the “stuffers.”  The “stuffy” puts on an oversized t-shirt, and the “stuffers” blow up balloons and stuff them under the t-shirt of the “stuffy.”  The team with the most balloons under the shirt in three minutes wins. 


Standard Picnic Games 

Water balloon toss, egg toss, sack races, tug of war, bubble gum bubbles and many more are available for outside parties.