20 Most Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled the top 20 frequently asked questions of our clients when looking to select a professional DJ. If you are hiring a disc jockey for the first time, thank you for considering us. Whether you decide on our services or not, we hope the following questions will help guide you to choosing the best type of DJ for you.

+ Can you help us with coordinating our event and/or acting as our masters of ceremony?
+ Will the person I speak to be the one who performs at my event?
+ Are you willing to meet with us prior to and after signing a contract?
+ Can you provide us with references or testimonials from past clients?
+ How do you dress at the event?
+ Will our agreement be in writing?
+ Are you licensed and insured?
+ Are you a member of a professional Disc Jockey Association?
+ What kind of equipment do you have?
+ Do you bring a wireless microphone?
+ Can you provide a secondary sound system at an additional location at our event?
+ Do you have a backup system in case of equipment failure?
+ Does lighting and effects cost extra?
+ What kind of music do you have?
+ Can we choose the music?
+ Do you take requests?
+ Do you use an event-planning form?
+ What about arrival times, breaks and meals?
+ What if we want to keep on dancing after the scheduled ending of the event?
+ How far in advance to we need to reserve a date?